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The Politics Of Household Management

When The Great Toilet Paper Scarcity happened, I was ready. I already had a working familiarity with Freedom Paper Company . (I learned about them back when my heart was breaking because of the death of Tamir Rice. Here is my convoluted rambling blog about that. ) I knew our best way forward was to work towards self-sufficiency and reduced dependence on corporations. Much of how I manage my household comes from doing my best to honor what I say publicly with my private actions.  I still believe much of this revolution will be "women's work."  In addition,  for the past 20 years, I had committed to a strong spiritual practice which included regular meditation and communication with my ancestors. Amazing how it takes a virus for people to become interested in household management.  There is so much political wisdom in the ways our grandmother’s kept house.  You’ll remember that many of the Black Panther’s were opposed to WIC and food stamps because they saw th

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