Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Son (Take One)

invisible feet dent
my golden garden.

kale tastes
better after frost.

be this belly!

stir wrinkled leaves.
find pliant sweetness.

come now! love’s seed
cease babbling

these whispered ancestral conclaves,
yield no secrets

but earth.

these aching swollen limbs
brown as caramelized onion.

savor the frigid wind. still
he monitors the seasons.

hoka hey!
ho! hey!

this moon quivers.
these waves heave.

that lightening bolt quickly flees.
this ripened bowl holds holy

offerings. arms
knees, breasts

sleeplessness. water’s journey -

torrent lucid turgid
a cache of ancestor bones reform beneath

my spine. hold open
thighs. Hurl - force - float

this wobble-necked
wrinkled new man

of thunderous
toothless burps,


wisdom. born just
winks ago.