Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where i Lose Me

they say 
comes at the end.
naturally I resist

endings. quirky
that will
inserting itself on the edge 
of gyrating cigarette swirls.

death. death. death
intoxicating. patterns
like strippers
who wouldn’t even fuck you that way

no matter how much money you have.
light is the Fort Pitt tunnel
the end. 
urban to country

or vice versa. 
cunt and trees
wide open for
a minivan


making new.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

put your head on, it is morning

(just for Craig Johnson.)

forget easy.  each day begins 

with wake up, put your head on 

properly, right foot then,  news, update, 

eat,  down left foot, bathe, 

dress slowly. the simple day

forget.  really forget

some unwanted days.  don’t wake up

or put your head on.

but you have to until 

they decide.  rest

Is a sad making homecoming

for others. you don’t want blue. 

water the cherished’ one’s eyes

even if you are kind of enamored 

of that idea.  so the head

goes on the neck.

the cheeks push the lips 

into a smile.  the eyes 

wink. carry on.

one foot, then the other

pretending to dance.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

After The Artist Colony, I (draft)

know. I am really home.

go to the grocery store

the cashier says,

“hi, Miss Sweet Lady!

where have you been?"

I notice she is rocking an up-do

with natural colors...

but...I do miss the pink....

and change is a really

powerful energy...and then

we agree I can

take some food

home to my family.

and we check

out smiles.