Friday, April 27, 2007

Has Health Care Fallen Apart While I've Been Gone?

So - I dutifully schedule my son for his 4 yr check up as soon as I hit the ground in Pittsburgh in February. I happened upon Metro Family Practice through The Midwife Center, got Katherine Patterson whilst embroilled led in our first crisis. She saw my son the next day (when I was positively assured by ER HP that breastfeeding was not in our future) - and she instantly rectified that situation. She was so supportive, nurturing! But, she only works on Wednesdays. I love her. She has proven to be the most competent MD; exceptionally respectful of my questions; exuberantly supportive of my lifestyle choices; willing to give me a list of URLs when I'm in doubt....I can go on and on about why she is my MD of choice. The woman is the singular definition of Healer/Shaman embodied. So, I'm willing to work around her schedule.

But, today I get a call saying there has been a family emergency...she'll be away for a week. Okay - these things happen. I'm dreadfully and terribly sorry. How awful for her. I wish her all strength and wholeness. Jiminy Cricket! I was actually looking forward to the doctor's visit! I am so disappointed!

But - here is where I get cheeky about Metro Family Practice. I can not be anything other than vague, non-committal, verbally generous within the confines of polite conversation and generally non-plussed when it comes to their receptionists. The whole lot of them really need to up and move to London. They would thrive. They would excel. They would get the jollies that their private lives are not giving them by fucking up the lives of sick people because they are in a position of unique and deadly control. My father always taught me that I should understand that very few people experience anything resembling power in their own lives. As a result - they exercise it viciously at any moment there is an opportunity. Therefore - we should understand where they are coming from and give them no excuse to exercise it on us. But - I have given these bitches no reason to exercise it on me!

So - she calls today to cancel. I'm devastated and confused. I ask when we can re-schedule. She says June! So - an appointment I've had for 4 months is serendipitously changed because of fate. That is unfair! It is un-ethical. It is is Un-American - rather as you define it after living in the willy-nilly, deny-you-for-chuckles, laugh-as-you-hobble-from-ER-with-a-broken-toe UK health care system.

I want - and am paying for - something different. Recommendations?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Spirit Level

on the birth day
of this man-child who transforms
heavy ancestral

names into an average
- or above - boy,
the grandfather feints

and dodges the new

special fx foam broadsword
catches a cardboard shield.
laughter. surprise

the day’s tasks release.
in a living room empty of all
furniture except a chess table

Dad crafted over 40 years ago,
leaves his spirit level -
a 24 inch florescent green symbol.