Monday, August 26, 2013

She Diva Died. & Come Again? 

be/he/me (myth) retro/speculative
 multi-medi(v)a motherhood art. 

After 10 years of relative quiet and minimal artistic activity, I'm returning to the Pittsburgh arts scene as both a presenter and performer.  This multi-media performance incorporates text, sound, image and movement to portray the battle between the artist and the mother.  The show particularly examines identity as it relates to raising a Black man.

In 2002, Springer stepped off the Pittsburgh arts community stage to raise my son. Christiane Leach and had been running a non-profit arts organization, Sun Crumbs which produced over 50 programs annually.  This is a taste of more great programming to come.

My CD 1999 CD, "In The Image Of Angels" has sold over 800 copies and is available for free download at You'll also find teasers and outtakes for "She Diva Died & Come Again."