Monday, October 15, 2012

Right Now, Tell Her You Love Her- Draft

she kept at it until there was herself. 
she peeled away each globule
of fat. thinking of pumpkin

harvest moons and villagers 
moving too tired feet
to crush grapes.

not enough. more and more
she whimpered until it became time
to sever the least necessary 

organs. make good food and music.
she cut, marinated and barbecued hers
as an offering. it was sweet 

when she folded
into a flesh sack of empty
bones with only a heart.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

DRAFT - Dream Sequence

exploding heart 
joy.  me 
with frothy suds, 
bucket, sponge 

and a kitchen 
floor. my working
space to clean. begin 
at the corners,

make nature
spiral infinity
the way they shaved those trees
for me to polish and clean.

I see 
every heart beat
excites me.
my husband watches

me work the floor like graph paper 
I am thrilled
his pencil 
eyes me.

filling in every
square.  like what they called 
him. lean. savory. mechanical 
pencil. perfectly making

a woman on the floor
polishing this belief
we speak
the same strange Negro 

wake up. drift off
I have finished half

of what we need to do together.
naked. polishing hard wood.
frantic to get enough done
to do the knob.