Saturday, October 13, 2012

DRAFT - Dream Sequence

exploding heart 
joy.  me 
with frothy suds, 
bucket, sponge 

and a kitchen 
floor. my working
space to clean. begin 
at the corners,

make nature
spiral infinity
the way they shaved those trees
for me to polish and clean.

I see 
every heart beat
excites me.
my husband watches

me work the floor like graph paper 
I am thrilled
his pencil 
eyes me.

filling in every
square.  like what they called 
him. lean. savory. mechanical 
pencil. perfectly making

a woman on the floor
polishing this belief
we speak
the same strange Negro 

wake up. drift off
I have finished half

of what we need to do together.
naked. polishing hard wood.
frantic to get enough done
to do the knob.

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