Friday, November 27, 2009

International Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

Well, it's been awhile....but my husband, Norman, but a bug up my nose this morning.

For the rules, go here:

Feedback is VERY welcome!

I want to pretend to be a time traveler on Dec. 8th...location to be disclosed.

Norman and I were talking about the fact that there are so few African Americans in time travel literature. (The only one I can think of is Octavia Butler's Kindred)

It struck me, what would the effect of African Americans be on this event? What different choices would we make? And given that it is done in public, how would people respond to Black time traveller's? Given the historic nature of the past election, what would African-Americans from a dystopic future be here to "correct." And what would ones from a Utopian future be here to encourage?

The current scenario with which I am working is that a series of catastrophic events leads to the extinction of the White Race. My character comes from a future where there are no White People. I live in a world where I've never seen a living White person - only ancient photographs. I've returned to prevent that from happening.

So, I plan to walk around a good portion of the day marveling at the curious wonder of White People. And, I’ll be asking White people the same questions White people ask me everyday in the supermarket.

In order to be safe, my character must look opulent, regal and unthreatening. Her tone must always be soft, cajoling and co-operative.

Sample Scripts

In reverse to the "How long have you been growing your hair." For short haired people, I plan to use "It was kind of you to give up your hair for The InCureables. You look like the kind of person who would donate. I'm right, aren't I?" (with a great big smile and nod as if they are the best ever person in the word.)

For a person with very straight hair. "How long does it take to do your hair? I've never seen hair so straight. May I touch it?

With an incredulous look on my face followed by great concern, "You are so pale, are you safe outside at this time of day?"


Approach a random person.

“It is the time of Satiation. Where is the Community Cook Pot?”

Likely response - HUH?

Where do you gather to celebrate the gifts of nature?

Likely response - Huh?

Make the sign for eating. If they catch on, listen intently for directions. Then thank the profusely.

In the food court -

Ask a person “Which of these Community Cook Pots is for the scientists?”

Likely response - Huh?

(Gesture at all of the lines.) Which queue is for the scientists?

Likely response - Huh?

Where am I allowed to dine?

Likely response - Anywhere.

Stare at them in disbelief. Then, walk around a long time staring at the menus.

Hold up the line.

Ask the cashier -

“What is my allotment today?

Likely response - Thanks for choosing X. What can I get you?

What is my portion today?


What is my rightful allowance of food today?

Huh? Have whatever you want.

That’s is unacceptable. I have not earned anything I want. What may I have?

What do you want?

(Joyful!) A test! This is a test of my honesty!

Rummage through very small purse. Pull out pesos, dollars and pounds.
Order the smallest thing on the menu.

Here is my offering, what do you choose?

Let clerk pick up the dollars and give change.

I have done well!

Take food to a table. Bring out a candle, a lighter, some incense. Light the candle and incense. Open arms and give a great LOUD prayer of Thanksgiving.”

Eat....relishing every single bite.

To insinuate the Time Travel motif - What is the year?

Likely response, “2009.”

Who is the Nations Elder?

Likely response: Obama

(joyful response) Then we still have time! Oh! Oh! We still have time.

More ideas
Some help with costumes. Flowing, new age-y, ethnic-y clothing. (A cloak in the event I don't choose a mall.)
A cohort ( or a court)
Witnesses in the event that a Black Time Traveler is way too scary for some random people.

Anyone interested?

Video of White men who have done brilliant applications of this are here:
and here