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A Fantasy: The Dark Side of Healing From WhySupremacy

Recently, someone told me that Whypipo are trying to take steps in the right direction to become better people.  I was told that change is hard and we need to remain patient while they figure out how to right the wrongs of the past.  It came at a moment when the ongoing resistance efforts of the Wet’suwet’en in Canada are enlivening the righteousness of people all over the planet.

Quoting from this article in The Star, "Cricket Guest, an Anishinaabekwe M├ętis who demonstrated with Indigenous youth and climate change activists in Toronto on Tuesday, said disruption of traffic and business goods is “absolutely necessary” to bring attention to the injustices inflicted by the government and police on Wet’suwet’en in B.C.

Cricket Guest: “Reconciliation is dead.  And we will shut Canada down.  We’ve been resisting for 500 years and we’ll be resisting for 500 more if that’s what it takes to earn the respect and have a real nation-to-nation relationship.” So, I thought about what would hel…

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