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The Daily Read: All The Things Spiritual & African/Atlantic Hit The News The Same Time

‘Voodoo Is Part of Us’ says Haitian native "Agathina Ginoue Nozy, "It’s who we are. It’s the culture. Voodoo is the food that we eat. It’s the language that we speak.”  By all accounts, about a week ago, there was a wonderful Fet Gede gathering in New York.  The event brought together voodoo practitioners, Haitians and the ever curious.  Every culture who remains close to the Earth has some element of ancestral reverence.  Fete Gede (Festival of the Dead) is one of those celebrations in which the loa and the ancestors are given a special remembrance.

"What voodoo is not, contrary to popular belief, is a dark spell-casting practice full of pin-dolls and demonic prayers, said the party’s organizers, Monvelyno Alexis, 43, and Riva PrĂ©cil, 30, a husband and wife musical duo who have organized one of the city’s most popular Fet Gede events for the past seven years."

Interest in the surviving religious and spiritual practices of African-Atlantics has strongly risen over t…

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