Friday, October 01, 2004

Stumble & Fall

“& infants are hard wired to shriek
when their milk supply is threatened.”
the midwife said at the 3 week check up.

stumbling passion. quixotic
release. the leaves threaten
a great flashy performance.

we all know it goes by so quickly.
then the bare trees claw gray skies
and green becomes a craving
worse than estrogen beckons
chocolate. or turgid pungent

familiarity. spine deep intimacy.
still, we all cheer the crisp
apples, air, bread crust.
having lived in sweat
and steam. slippery groping
heat. we applaud the first red

maple or yellowing cherry.
blow our fingers warm;
stamp our feet;
breathe as if we can snatch,
press and drink this cool
moment; dream of friendly fey

in the haunting morning mist.
my womb clenches and spasms
fully awake for the first time
in over a year. We do not
stumble like Fall.

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