Thursday, November 04, 2004

Getting Dressed To Face America

Justice rocks the blindfold,
demonstrating how accessories
make the woman. A golden toe ring,
belly ruby and dog collar
adorn her languid nude body.
But the fur-lined wrist restraints
suggest just the right hint of consenting
to play with weighted issues.

Tolerance glitters in a pink formal gown,
one gloved hand outstretched,
the other behind her back.
A princess waistline accentuates
the way largess and abundance
must be properly displayed.

Compassion has donned
a navy blue business suit
with red silk shell. A single strand
of perfectly matched pearls
contrast nicely with red stilettos
and Coach handbag. She tinkles
when she walks, it must be
the chain mail bra.

Hope sports combat gear.
Plain and simple. Straightforward
and uncompromising. Ready
and recalcitrant.

Faith has her own sense of style -
mixing and matching a 1940’s original
haute couture Dior, thrift store go-go boots,
fuchsia rayon scarf with lime and purple flowers,
military surplus hand bag, vintage
rhinestones, 5 gauge black ear plugs,
a simple silver nose ring and a temporary tattoo
of crimson blood leaking from a wounded dove.

I’m still in my tattered forest
green velour bathrobe sharing
coffee, croissants and brie
with Astonishment and Disappointment.

1 comment:

Joel Dias-Porter aka DJ Renegade said...

nice poem, looks like a keeper if you flesh out Hope a little more. Do you mind if I use this in some of my high school writing workshops?