Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hackney Sundays

elephant skin men
hunch over Guinness breakfast
boy scavenges chips

posh Americans
order too much food. wary
grubby hand grabs scraps

snot laced cheeks work hard
behind potted plant. red faced
father bellows, belches

+ + +

plastic beer cup field
frisbee dog, muzzle to sky
laughing children weave

+ + +

a bucket
two spades
make fast friends
a kite soars
two hearts

+ + +

pub serves opera
absinthe cocktails
fiver star Sunday roast
pornographic hieroglyphics in loo
we sit in an urn
watching baby charm

+ + +

surrender’s gleeful cackle
nation’s desolate maw snaps ale

humble prince bends knees
to make an honest hussy

happy. state is still
an angry church. this is change

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