Monday, June 06, 2005

Blowing Off Steam

after reading
a Village Voice article about O'Neil Walker’s ordeal with Middlebury College.

Shame on you David Hawkins.

If she’s not ashamed of you
then yo’ Mama must be one of those

white bed linen hoodie wearing women
who fantasizes about Black dick so much

she’s scared herself into lynching
any imaginary boogie man

to the point that your soul is the one burning,
dangling and dickless from the soul-tree

on which the village voice was written.

Our world lingers in suffering
because of arrogant, young men

like you. You are the reason
fecund, vibrant, strong

pregnant Black women weep twice.
Once for joy. Once because

we realize that at any moment,
something wondrous

and precious - that we’ve spent
nine months making - is vulnerable

to those of your ilk. Shiver

in your shallow frigid victory.
Remember the heart always rots

once severed from truth.

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