Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Coming Back To Understanding Hijab On Infants

thanks Jaxblunt and Karen for helping me begin to work this through

I think it begins with a wild
picture of ourselves. long ago -
memory - unfettered innocence
to guarded blades. dark,

billowing armor. we give our best
weapons to our children.
rummage about for what is
at hand. expedient.
tools we understand.

my boy. my self.
my man. my girl.
desire. repulse.
hold dear this precious
hard won wisdom.

model our wishes
and praise. goslings lined
up. neat. so much fluff and fat,
a waddling toddling
tasty warm comfort.
the hunter sights

we hear him behind every bush.
we never let him shoot.

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John K said...

Christina, wow! I think you've got it here; that since of protection, but inscribed as a necessary, ritualized act (the covering of the body/self), particularly for the supposedly most vulnerable version of the body/self, the infant, may be behind this act/requirement. I have to read your piece/poem/essay/thought a few more times, but it immediately struck me as...getting (at) it.