Monday, September 19, 2005


Bitch slap
one, two

gentle kiss
three and four

knee to the groin
five, six

cool hair washing
seven and eight

too many of her own creations
this universal energy imitates

+ + +

It has been over a month.

My computer died.
My firstborn returned to the States
and had a minor stroke.

My second born was having "spells"
(what looked like mini-seizures
but were able to be interrupted.)

Katrina embarassed me.
An American jangle clanging
helplessness. Begging for internet

access. I was suddenly blessed
to teach at The University Of East London
in what I think is

the most revolutionary writing program in the world.

My son found a spiritual home in Braga
(and hasn't had a spell since.)

Gently, carefully, lulling and dulling
the razor blades on my heart and soul.

More later beloveds.
Those of you who stayed tuned...thank you.


Mendi O. said...

You've been in my thoughts. So glad these things seem to be looking up for you.

Jax said...

Still tuned, though with little time for commenting these days. Many changes in my life too ;)

Scheky said...

Anything we can do? You know we still love ya back home.

Christina Springer said...

Thanks for tuning in folks... funny how blessed one realizes they are in the midst of chaos and unforeseen awfulness.

Yes, things seem to be looking up here. I'm actually teaching at UEL on Mondays and CityLit on Fridays.

But - my heart is back at home. Wanting to be there for Imani. This stroke leaves us both up and then deep down. No 19 year old person (well on the 28th of September) should have to get serious and modify their lifestyle for health reasons. I keep hearing "how unfair" all of this is...and the worst part is...she is right.

But, anybody in Pittsburgh...give her a call, see if she needs a cup of herbal tea; a lift somewhere (like the doctor's office), or just an ear. 'Burgh folks know how to tap the network - just pull on Steve's strings - and follow the lines to Imani.