Tuesday, November 01, 2005

today’s heart

lighter than a glass fragment dislodged

from the hold of a sunken slave ship by a shark

in overfished waters dragged by net to this

grey cove. a shallow rustling freedom of

azure lucidity wrestling the sharp

corrosive salt tricking my edges clean

stealing my taste for blood.

so fragile hands.
pulse filled. soft so.


ruth-e said...

hey christina,

cool poem! how are you doing? do you know jonathan moody? he's a cc fellow working at pitt. he's been doing little animal poems like this one for quite a while. you should correspond....

be well....

Marisa said...

Wow. I used to babysit for Imani- I was thinking about you both last evening-one of those scent-triggered memories and on a lark googled you.