Saturday, March 11, 2006

More Literacy Work

Winston’s Butterfly Story (verbatim)

One time, there was a butterfly flying and flying.
The butterfly was falling on the tree.
And he didn’t fly.
And he needs help.

I have to save him!
How are we going to get in the story and save him?

We should jump in the story and save the butterfly.

Just a minute, we’re going to jump in the story.

We did it!
I saved her!

She’s falling again!
We have to save her!
We have to have a boat save her!
We have to go on the bridge
and save the baby and mama butterfly!

Oh, mama butterfly is falling and falling!
We have to row the boat!
Row! Row! Row!

We’re here!
I saved the butterfly.

Note: Winston told this story in response to a picture we made together. The picture is quite serene. In contrast, the story he dictated to me is quite dramatic. - Okay - maybe a little melodramatic. But - he loves hearing his story again and again and again. Each time, I point to the words as I read. He has become very interested in letters suddenly. He is also listens more closely when I talk about how sometimes “letters all stand together like very good friends; and when they do this; they make words.”

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