Wednesday, October 25, 2006


for professionals who practice attachment parenting

choice box overflowing hard
won wisdom of a second chance.

cream tattered newspaper clippings.
coffee stained recollections. frayed, flattened
crepe paper. oil marked memorials.

love. and tumours forcing eyeballs from sockets
joy. and adolescent bile swished like wine

over taste.....buds,.....opportunity...clots
drag me to the door. ear pressed to wood.

a silent refusal. pretending emptiness.
choice box overflowing hard

love’s humours force brains from sockets
Grandmaster Flash - Bach - Holiday - Smith - Chilli Pepper -
Carmen - wake up and then witness West Side

stories mutter. See: spot marked “x.” your hands mine.
eyes cloud read. tut-tut at lightning. sky is full. drink.

The ............. are the original white space I inserted into the poem but can not get blogger to recognise.

The form: 'gigan' was invented by Ruth Ellen Kocher. Find it here. It is a very evocative form which Ruth executes exquisitely.

A Gigan is basically:

16 lines
couplet, triplet, couplet, couplet, couplet, triplet, couplet
line 1 repeats as line 11
line 6 repeats as line 12.
last couplet turns the subject askew

This is my first attempt. I’ve got it wrong. But - I’ll keep trying.

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