Thursday, November 02, 2006

Conversation with a student

as we walked into the Tower yesterday.

R: I love this. I’m getting out of so many lessons. I’m out of school!

C: This is school.

R: No it’s not.

C: It isn’t? You haven’t learned anything?

R: Well, yeah. I know a lot about this place.

C: Like what?

R: Stories of the people who were here.

C: Yeah?

R: And saying stories.

C: Yeah? Like making poems?

R: Yeah.

C: But, it isn’t school?

R: Yeah it’s not boring like geography and maths. I haven’t had history in 4 years.

C: Four years?

R: Yeah - we just get geography.

C: You like history.

R: Yeah. It’s not boring.

C: So, school is about being bored?

R: Yeah.

C: Should school be about learning something?

R: Yeah:

C: Have you learned anything?

R: Yeah.

C: So this is school.

R: Maybe.


Jax said...

'school is a building, education is wherever we are' :)

Christina Springer said...

Good point Jax. And very true. In this instance, technically, the boy was in school. I was hoping for him to feel a bit better about what school can and should be. I sure wish this is what school was like for every child.