Friday, September 14, 2007

follicle garden

dead cells

play the dozens.

a convention of double helix

flaunt their antiparallel attitudes.

eat pi on my mind’s front porch

swing twist

bungee snarl

these ropes do anything

but nap? ridiculous

There always seems to be a hair poem at the end of my dreads. I'm always wondering why. Then, something like this comes along. "Natural hair Is a corporate No-No," according to a Glamour Magazine editor, "dreadlocks are dreadful." Black women in corporate America need to get rid of these "political hairstyles." She made the huge mistake of announcing this during a slide show for 100 women attorneys at a large firm.

So - good bye Glamour - I won't miss reading you because I never did.
Now, I know why!

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