Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heads Up Austin

Back when Imani was growing up, I explained to her why casual sex was a bad idea. Every time we had one of the many big talks, I let her know that every time she had sex with somebody - their souls and auras merged. This meant that if her romantic attachment didn’t work out in this lifetime, she ended up carrying a piece of that persons soul for the rest of her lifetimes.

But, you don't have to get that deep to forge those permanent connections. Sometimes souls inexplicably link up and remained tied together. I have someone whom I’ll be carrying for a long time. His name was Ricardo Ramos. He helped me bring Imani into this world. He was my co-parent for six solid years...before he died tragically of lymphoma. I do not write of him often. (I’m not willing to dive that deep into pain.) I light candles and stew upon him with a somewhat obsessive regularity. He was my family of choice. And his family became mine.

Who says Blacks and Latinos don't get along? Hah! (Well, actually, I know who but we won't be name-calling on this blog tonight.)

Regardless, Ricardo's family and I have connected willy-nilly, catch-as-can these past years. And so - with a flood of memories into my inbox -they invite me to wake up Texas and go do something by my man Obama.

Ricardo’s family has come together to rally behind Obama. His brother and sister, Danny and Eva - pictured to the left - will be working up the crowds in Austin. Go get your groove on for me and add your wispy essence to this greater “US” the country is trying to make. Besides - it’s on my Dad’s birthday. Can you say karma?

What: House Party hosted by Austin’s Team Deliver Puerto Rico
When: Saturday, May 17, 2008, 4:00 to 6:00PM
Where: 7801 Moonflower Drive , Austin , TX 78750

4:00-5:00PM -- Salsa DJ Fabian – Austin 's favorite salsa DJ
5:00-6:00PM -- Live Music by Cienfuegos Duo

Come help support Team Deliver Puerto Rico – Puertorican style, with salsa music and dancing! Puerto Rico 's primary will be June 1 (the last primaries are on June 3). Delegates up for grabs in Puerto Rico : 63 – more than 4 remaining states! (Proportionate distribution, not winner-take-all.)

Eva Ramos is going to Puerto Rico to help the local Obama campaign in the days before this important island primary. Let's send her off with our support!

Come to our Puertorican House Party to show your support! Texas state delegates and alternates have been invited, as well as other Obamans!

Yes we can – Si, se puede!

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