Monday, June 23, 2008

Prince Is 50, I am 44

it took me a long time to come to Prince.
Controversy was exactly what he brought

to my life. the first time I spent the night
with an african-american school chum,

I was given Prince:
after Suzuki, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith; and

a secret, bad, uninvited wet grinding;
by a boy Blacker than I'd ever seen -

Prince dampened a cultural orientation
awakened by the Mothership's abandonment...

no longer satisfied by flailing overbites
and embracing Kansas with the resulting grounding ~

lateral slick solitude for sneaktheifery
inspired by kinky White girls

with big hair boyfriends. he inflicted
greater ~ or lesser

damage. curvilinear
violations easier with silky metal hair.

bright white. big hair. aliens
here we are together again.

secure and anxious about time
and her tricky minions.

my cross-dressing son needs
an appropriate role model...

that traumatic love learns.


Becky King said...

Dennis Rodman actually is pretty cool too. He plays basketball, very well and wears a dress. Maybe a little too much but I always found him very cool.

Big Man said...

Very interesting poem.