Saturday, July 05, 2008

Great Ideas - Free To Make, Hard To Manifest

Some ideas - if realised - may make a stunning contribution towards social justice. Others may simply be a way to create some financial independence. Regardless of the long term outcome, there are innovative ways to make things happen for yourself.

I’m one of those people who often sits around pondering the next multimillion dollar business. Sometimes I see variations on my ideas brought to life by some other industrious person. And I’m glad for them.

I don’t necessarily crave the stress and time consuming obsessive commitment that it takes to sustain your own business. Done that a few times, enjoyed it. Now, I’m all about chilling with my family.

But, I’m always fascinated by philanthropy and/or anything that has to do with using OPM* to get things moving and shaking. To that end, I thought ‘d take a moment to share some interesting sites for my more industrious and clever readers. And some interesting sites which are using OPM to make a difference in the world.

Want to start a business? Want to pilot a program? Save the world and make money? Try Ideablob. This site allows anyone to submit an idea. The person with the most votes towards their idea wins $10,000. Yes, you heard that right, $10,000.


Want to make a film? Want to get your pet an expensive surgery? Need money to get married? Losing your home? Try Fundable. The idea is that you set a goal for how much money you need. A deadline is given. People make donations. If you don’t reach your goal, nobody looses any money. You can always try again another time.

Want to be the O in OPM? Feeling altruistic? Want to economically empower someone in a developing nation? Kiva lets you lend someone $25 and actually make a difference. Just log on, read about different entrepreneurs and lend them money. Most likely, they’ll pay you back. I’m amazed by the numbers of men and women in Africa who are participating in this program.

I’m sharing these sites because I’ve been clicking around some of these sites. It is fascinating what people are willing to ask for. I see a lot of socially conscious ideas on Ideablob. I see a lot of pet surgeries and whining on Fundable. But, I’m finding it difficult to actually cough up some cash - or in the case of Ideablob - even offer a free vote.

What strikes me the hardest is a lack of participation by Persons Of Colour, specifically blacks and Black women. The only site which continues to uplift me is Kiva. Even in this case, the lender profiles I always see tend to be People Of European Descent. C’mon guys! Let’s begin using these resources.

*Other People’s Money


JJ said...

Hi Christina,

Wanted to direct you to an interesting site ( without spamming you. Could not locate your e-mail anywhere. Apologies for the comment. Enjoyed your poems!

Christina Springer said...

No worries, JJ. Though, for a minute, you had me excited that Kiva was helping people here. Your link simply showed a Kiva matching system. No such luck and I do think Americans - specifically Blacks and Latinos - would benefit from what Kiva does outside of our country. Of course, Advanta does have Ideablob...which to me is better than Kivab4b.