Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Brains At A Box

for Tom Hesse

only the minds
wireless. hum
the ozone. buzz

and blitz
never slick

with humidity pouring oil
out of pores. or hair

on the shoulder of a blazer,
a fleck of dandruff betraying

anything personal.
surrenders, a body releases

everything. like the way

a motorcycle crash
softens and cracks the bones

that could manipulate a keyboard.
a keyboard which connects

a heart that pumps thoughts
into nerves endings fed

by thumping muscle,
to the big brains at a box

silently pounding

everything poured out of a body
you never touched

with hands. only eyes on
a status message.

away means for good this time.
none of the brains

programmed it exactly
this way. clean. dry. electric.

NOTE: Today, I find this modern world very perplexing. Norman's co-worker made his transition last night. He never met this person. They all worked together in their virtual office. But, the loss is deeply real and made even weirder because his IM status says he is just "away." Having a hard time wrapping my brain around this one.

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