Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Club Family!

(in this post - the word "we" refers to me and my husband.)

So, in London, we used to go out once a month and dance. Those, nights, we also hung out with adult friends. Maybe we had a pint and a tasty morsel we would name dinner. They used to call it the "baby disco." And it was fantastic! But, America has moved on beyond the "disco era." We have "clubs" now. Isn't it so inclusively exclusive?

Well, we want to keep dancing with our children. We want to hear fresh beats and see cool talent working their two turntables and their microphones. We want it to feel like we are home with friends, and, at the same time having a special evening out on the town. So, we invented Club Family for Pittsburgh.

Club Family features DJ Supa C spinning clean sounds for full family enjoyment. No longer, do you have to dance around your living room alone. No longer do you have to get home in time for "pookie's" 6 AM wake up call. Don't wait for date night! Club Family brings fun fresh sounds to get the whole family moving, grooving and fantastic fit! After all, we're in this together now.....because we've chosen to have families.

And if families can't get their groove on together, what kind of world are we creating? So, spend your date night eating great food and discussing books, career moves, philosophy, religion, household budgets, and education. But, jump into your body and get "high-up clean fun" with the rest of us at Club Family! (Please note: high-up clean fun could be construed as an antonym to "low-down, dirty fun." Of which I think many of us has had their fill. Or maybe not.....but, who has to change pookie's diaper in the morning changes the perspective quite a lot.)


audiosauce said...

Family club night what a great idea.

out here in Oakland,CA we have ecstatic dance (ecstaticdance.org) where lots of family time happens with my wife and soon to be born daughter.

Nice to see your son on the ones and da twos.

I miss you, hope we can jam together again.

Neal Skacel


Christina Springer said...

Neal! So good to see you again! Congrats on your new addition! And thanks! We had a ball at Club Family and hope to do it again soon! If you ever get back to Da Burgh, plan it for a first Friday and come jam with us!