Thursday, November 25, 2010

Response To An Idiot Who Gleefully Shouted "Hand Job Time"

Sometimes the internet provides challenges. Recently, folks began to notice that the "Enhanced Pat Downs" may traumatize victims of rape or sexual assault. Go figure! So, I find this link on a popular news site and the first comment is "Everytime I go through one of these I'm going to loudly proclaim "HANDJOB TIME." My blood boils often and it does so at a steady and controlled temperature. But, tonight, I had to let it run over.

Please, dear sir, inform me why you needed to make that remark. Truly, I'm not judging you. I am just curious.

As a rape survivor, I'm quite free. Many of my sisters are not. And I'm okay with that. Everyone is where they need to be when they are there.

So, where are you? Me? I’m an artist. I just like to sit back and watch the human condition. Thanks, you textually provocative man-thing!!

So, baby, dance for me...sputter and spew your male-feminism. Scream, "HANDJOB TIME!" Don't stop! Keep the groove going! Writhe a little bit for me.

Now, look me in the eye. I want you to see your sister, your cousin, your aunt, your mother and your grandmother looking back at you. They are all smiling now. They are all screaming “HANDJOB TIME.” And they descend upon you. And it doesn’t feel that good. And then, they turn into Eagles and fly away with your penis and balls.

In your heart, you know, that you will find them on the highest mountain top. So, open and wounded you set off. You have nothing there anymore, unless you count empty promises.

And there, they have built a fire. And over that fire, they are roasting your penis and balls. Each of your sisters, cousins, your aunts, your mother and your grandmothers take a tiny nibble of your tiny parts. (They know how to share power.) They may spit you out because you are too bitter. But, they will have you because they love you.

You have nothing left.. They will devour it all. But...there in that place which begs for resistance. The only thing you can do to get it back is accept what they have done to you. They only thing which will give you back your penis and your balls is the love of people who trust you. They want you to use your brain.

They have their teeth on your balls right now. What will you you do? Their eyes are greedy and they haven’t been fed for centuries. And they have no corporeal form. So, how about those survivors? What do you say now? Can you love? Can you act for righteousness? What undeniable promise can you make so they don't devour your privilege?

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