Monday, February 06, 2012

Kombucha & Raising Good Young Men

what every father should know about teaching & demonstrating good partnership qualities.

In addition to my husband’s interesting obsessions, we have added the making of Kombucha.

Me? I would rather obsess about making Mead. Then again, this is not an activity the whole family can enjoy. On the other hand, this current obsession is a wonderful teaching tool for raising boys to be strong, supportive and powerful men who can partner supportively and successfully.

Really. I’m serious. Of course, this lovely blogger got everything right in her post 25 Rules For Mothers Of Sons. (Except for #17 - because practice only ever makes better…thank you Sena Jane Thompsen) But, in addition to everything she wrote, Kombucha making is truly the best ever thing a father can do with his son.

Looking back over my past few Facebook updates, I am beginning to realize how the making of Kombucha is a valuable lesson in male / female dynamics.

Most recent FB Update:

Son: Kombucha Mama looks really good!

Mama: Daddy got very focused on making her happy. Because, that's what Daddy's do.

Earlier FB update:

Kombucha Mama is suicidal. Kombucha Mama keeps attempting to abort Kombucha Daughter.

Even earlier FB update:

Extracted daughter. Daughter exhibiting the same tendencies as mother.

Much earlier FB update:

We have a Kombucha daughter!

Analysis & Review:

Everyone was poking at Kombucha Mama. Everyone was all up in her grill at every moment. Kombucha Mama could not expect even 1 hour of quiet and privacy. Kombucha Mama was under constant observation. Kombucha Mama couldn’t breathe.

When Kombucha Mama started exhibiting suicidal tendencies, the first reaction of the men-folk was to talk about cutting her in half or poking a hole in her. The desire for solitude and privacy was met with ideas about mutilation to make her more cooperative. Under these conditions, Kombucha Mama made every effort to abort her daughter….and commit suicide.

Fortunately - these historically tired ideas were rejected. A good man can step back and review, assess and develop new solutions.


1. Husband did his best to provide ideal conditions for Kombucha Mama to thrive.

2. Husband made a new and refreshing beverage for Kombucha Mama so she can be happy.

3. Husband made sure Kombucha Mama has some time to herself. (And even dressed her up in a pretty napkin to make sure no one could sneak around eavesdropping on her,)

4. Husband discusses loudly about how important it is for Kombucha Mama to just have some personal space in order to give us the yummy elixir that is in her nature to provide. With joy and gracefulness.


Support partners:

1. Do their best to provide ideal conditions to thrive.

2. Support partners take time to nurture and nourish.

3. Support persons create opportunities for their Loved One to regenerate and rejuvenate.

4. Support persons makes sure to discuss ALL of the positive outcomes regarding activities which seem negative to small people who are overly attached to their SCOBY - Kombucha Mama.

5. Support partners celebrate the outcomes that time, space and reflection bring to the whole family.

And there you have it - all in an effervescent bubbly healthy drink.

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