Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear Azana

So I read this. And made a choice to feel very unsympathetic. Because I can do that. Sometimes I work too hard to immerse myself in empathy. Not today.

I can not even comprehend this. Some days compassion is just too much hard work. And I do try. But, no matter what the circumstances....I can never "forget" a child. And I find myself apologizing to parents all the time because I don't know their name. But, I do remember their children's names. And I am very sorry for having a sanctimonious moment, but in this moment I do believe that the charity in your heart will forgive me

Dear Azana


ooh baby,

it’s your birthday,

happy birthday! happy birthday!

the mouse is singing to you

with pizza and tickets and cake.

everyone is running around

this baby casino playing games

because it’s your birthday.


it’s cool.

it’s your birthday.

everyone you know forgot

you. just keep playing

until the police come

because your birthday is closing

now. the help wants to go home

to their own children.


but you don’t even know your own name.

how they gonna call your people

to let them know they forgot you?

and the other nine which frazzle that woman

whose legs spread open ten times. cracked wider

than any flashing machine shooting out tickets

that magically transform into cheap prizes

made by kids younger than you

locked in 3rd world factories,

under fed and sometimes beaten

but those trinkets are so belovedly

cherished here. this land of liberty


has a temporary case of amnesia.

what is your name?

what does she call you?

Pudding? Precious? Love bug? Darling?

it’s okay. maybe it’s Shit Head. or Fucking Asshole.

we’ll find her. but, look!

Chuck E. Cheese has a birthday crown

just for you Children’s Services have come.

and the help can wave and smile and cheer

and go home to the children with names like

Awesome, Perfection and Sugar Plum

because it’s your birthday! happy birthday!

w00t? YAY! the whole system came

to save and celebrate your arrival tonight

at Chuck E. Cheese. it's your birthday.

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