Thursday, May 24, 2012

Service With A Smile (draft)

hello, my name is Christina.

I will be your Negro today.

I am here to reassure you

are a very good person.

exceptionally good. you didn’t

say nigger once today

(even though you thought it.)

or bitch….or ghetto… or any

words about witch

old women will suck

teeth. about sucking

teeth and eye rolling.

these are just

actions to better facilitate your

authentic experience

with being liked by Negroes

who assure you

are a very good person.

even when assaulted

by critical thinking storming

from a brown mouth

in the form of a question

innocuous. you worry

the scab

all by yourself

and then sulk when

it runs red.

that’s okay. I am here

to lick your wounds

and remind you

are a very good person.

right? nod your head

you know you

and so I do too!

see? good people

thank you for letting me

serve you today.

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