Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The House That Slack Built

(for A Scarlett Starr)

is full of shells. like hermit crab habitats

we crawl. tender

vulnerable in

and out. suit. needs.

decency. work

with this idea.

the cotton protects

your tender bits.

even sprawled and open

soft, sofa can chafe;

food can burn;

a hot laptop; government

can come

calling. oh yes.

on a tele-commute

with bankers, wear a shirt.

even if they can’t see

you, they know you

free. find

the shell. climb in.

stay. stay

just a short,

short time stay.

then breathe.


Anonymous said...

Love! Thank you for listening. And hearing. In my pajamas trying to remember to breathe. Scarlett

Christina Springer said...

Oh, you dear!