Saturday, January 04, 2014

Two Remarkable Girls Take A Stand Against Girl Scout Cookies

I want to talk about something extraordinary.  Two young activists (12 and 10) told me they had written to Michelle Obama and the Girl Scouts to explain why won't be participating in selling cookies this year.  They told me that harvesting palm oil is one of the primary problems creating orangutan habitat loss.  Seven years ago, this was brought to the attention of the Girl Scouts and they made a “pie crust promise” to find a solution. They’d like to see the Girl Scouts make good on their promise.

I’m impressed that two young women decided to commit to taking action about which something the care very deeply.  They cared enough to share their concern with me.  They cared enough to ask for help letting people know about a problem. Together we photoshopped images to get attention for the issue.  And they started a petition on  
In order to understand how extraordinary this is, think back to yourself at age 10 and 12.   The urge to be “part of the group” at that age is strong.  This is the time in most young women’s lives when they are worried about fitting in.  But, this issue is so important to them, that they chose not to do something they feel is ethically wrong just to be part of a group.  

I think we should stand with them so that they will know that they belong to a larger group of people committed to creating a better world.  

Here's what you can do.

  1. Sign their petition.
  2. Share the information so people can make informed decisions. 
  3. Make a donation to the Girl Scouts and let them know you don’t want cookies. If you are a Girl Scout, simply ask for donations to the girl scouts and/or bake your own cookies and give them away as a reward.
  4. Stand in solidarity then write your own letter. If you are a Girl Scout, refuse to sell the cookies as a member or troop and write a letter.

Girl Scouts of the USA
420 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10018-2798

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