Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tell Me A Black Power Story

Yesterday, For Harriet, posted an excellent piece, I read Is My Living In Vain?: On The Visibility Of Black Trauma In Social Media.   I was so grateful.  I had also seen the image of the 148 students killed in Garissa, Kenya.  I was unable to put into words what I was thinking.  But, part of me thought back to what bothered me so much about the #BlackLivesMatter die-ins.

This is what I saw. 
A shopping mall in America

A university in Kenya
Only one group is pretending.  

I talk to my Facebook friends a lot about #BlackLove is #BlackPower.  I do this because sometimes I feel people are confused about what Black Power is.  The first image I am sure that comes to mind is the image on the left.  The image that comes to mind for me, is the one on the right.

It made me think.  I want to hear Black Power Stories.  So, I'll start with just a silly moment from my life.
+    +   +
One morning, I took The Win breakfast in bed. He enjoyed that a great deal.
when I do something for someone, and they express deep appreciation for it, it inspires me to continue wanting to do that.

The next time, I did it, I said, "Your breakfast, My Little lordling."
He said, "Why thank you, My Lady Mother."

It's become a game now.  Some mornings when I want to get a few things done, I take him breakfast in bed and we have our gentile exchange. This morning was different.

Me: Your breakfast, my little lordling.
The Win: Why thank you, My Lady Mother.
Me: But, of course."
Windafire wearing
"Woodland King,"
a laser cut headband
he designed
The Win: (looks at me strangely) Uh, Mom, why do you do this?
Me: Because sometimes, you have to take actions which reflect the higher self you see in a person.
The Win: Hmmm. I don't understand.
Me: You are a prince among men.
The Win: what does that mean?
Me: You are a generous, thoughtful, wise person. you are everything that is positive about the word nobility. I am acting on a truth of you.  You are receiving a truth about you. Because everyday, you show me the truth about me.
The Win: How?
Me: By being you. By doing your work without being told. By helping me around the house. By doing what needs to be done without being told, you show me that you have accepted what I have taught you.
The Win: I love you, Mom.
Me: I love you, My Little Lordling.

I realized in that moment that some Black folks like to talk a lot about being Kings and Queens. And if we are Kings and Queens, our children must be princes and princesses.  But, we don't have any staff. So, we have to be of and in service with each other everyday.  Taking some small actions which speak to our own inner truths. We have to create an environment of respectful reciprocity.

+   +   +

I don't know how many people will do this.  I'm doing this for me.  I don't want to start a "big thing." I just want to see more Black Love out there.  I want to celebrate Black Power. I want to read about it.  I want to hear about it.

  • How to you live it? 
  • How do you nurture it? 
  • How do you uplift each other?  
  • What are the very tiny things upon which movements are built?
I hope you'll share with me. Just one moment of #BlackLove is #BlackPower. #TellMeABlackPowerStory @Cmpringer

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