Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Beginning Literacy

unedited this time

Glitter Glue Collage

It’s starting to rain.
This is the night sky.

Stars, they’re twinkling.
Twinkling, twinkling.

Black night sky
and it’s raining again.

Big Cat Collage

Mama Tiger misses her baby.
Cheetah gotta go, oh dear!

He’s coming for everyone,
the little, little lion.

Tiger and cheetah.
Gold and sparkly,

the sun is setting purple.
Everybody’s gonna get

some chips.

NOTE: Winston and I have begun to play with letters and sounds. So, I thought in true Antioch School tradition, I’d begin to work on reading readiness by making books. Today, he made collages with glitter glue. Then I typed what he said into the computer. I printed it out and read it to him. (This caused much laughter. He loves the idea that I can repeat back everything he said - exactly as he said it - as many times as he wants me to do it. ) Then we glued them to the collages. (I only hope he doesn't become a poetry slam champion at age 12 and retire from writing poetry. Hint - hint to whom anyone this might have happened. You still got poems in you!)

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