Monday, February 13, 2006

daddy’s special ride

thanks Jess for asking

“I gotta get on this jazz and blues thing.”


that ancestral submarine
jazz can i ride it? dive
atlantic deep wake
my vessel tir

up music-quaking bones.
truly understand

commit drown
squeeze myself
through half notes? reborn

inside a father’s passion
like i have have been
only once before

i could name vowels;
sound out Canis Major’s
children on fingers; link
my solitary pointer
tip to Polaris
then contract eighty times
to the end of beckoning
vulva humming here here here.

hear the squiggle-lurch of myself
fast forwarded to a present. basking
in my son. father drunk on whole notes.
all of us together. Dizzy loud
bouncing this newly born rider
barely able to walk
dancing. his undefined self
timeless in time

to the music. laughter. crashing
palms electric flesh joined.
salt splattered genetic euphoria

an aqua silver plasma line
knitted by invisible arthritic hands
to cover these loving harmonies

right now.
i’m on this jazz thing warm.
pure. clean family heat
geysering that dead cold ocean.
bones moving in unison. is that jazz?

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