Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still - Gina Ford ... Mumsnet ... and Justice

Who Is That Parenting Guru Okay - I've been learning more and more about Gina Ford than I personally have need. But, I do have a huge need for justice. (One of the problems with being raised by an incredible father, lawyer, civic leader, and civil right activist is a love of the law and why it is there.) But, I came across the above blog. I love it! It is relentless and anonymous like many Mumsnet supporters out there doing their best to save freedom of speech on the internet. It is clearly written, well thought out, concise. (Unlike my fantastic ramblings and verbal tumblings.)

There is also a petition circulating here.

Buy a t-shirt and support the Mumsnet Fighting Fund and/or NSPCC here.

Take a visit - show some support.

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Emily said...


Hope you don't mind but I am just letting you know that my blog got eaten by Blogger. I noticed you commented on one of my posts about Gina Ford. I thought you might like to know where the blog has gone to. I saved most of it and I am not at

Just letting people know as best I can as blogger won't let me access the old one to stick a redirection notice up.