Thursday, September 14, 2006

Remembering Great Kings & Queens Of Africa

Politics of marketing liquor to the Black community aside.....

I always wondered what happened to this Budweiser advertising campaign! I'm so happy to see them online! Great African Kings & Queens

Does anyone else remember postering their "gathering space" or "rec room" with these posters? I remember: blue lights, Parlimant Funkadelic, Earth Wind & Fire, The Ohio Players, "getting down just for the funk of it," and wondering if the Mothership had had landed in Africa and George Clinton was a modern day prophet.

All I know, is my folks had to serve a lot of Budweiser at their parties so we could have them.


Itiel- Smell Goods 1998® said...

Greetings Christina!

I just happened to click on your blogspot link via the Unschooling Yahoo group. I was curious because I did not know we had anyone from Europe in the group. Anyway, your last blog post (Budweiser)...I sent that link via the site. Glad to see that it sparked someone's memory.


IamTrueTalent said...

Greetings Christina~

I tried to click on the link posted on your page but it was not found after I activated it. I saw an ad in Ebony magazine about the Budweiser campaign. At first sight, it bothered me...I decided to wait until I can access a computer to conduct further research on it.
Do you have the web address in order that I may find out more info about this campaign?


Christina Springer said...

Hi Veronica,

Try copying and pasting

into your browser window.

Sometimes - blogger is weird about links.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I have the complete set of the Budweiser Great Kings and Queens Posters

HannaBear said...

How can I obtain the collection of African Kings and Queens Posters. How much are you asking, and does this price include shipping. They are to be used for the schools Black History Program

L. Foreman
585-328-0037 ext.1362

Christina Springer said...

Copy and paste into your browser:

This is the only info I can find about them online. Anyone with a complete set in good condition is probably sitting on a gold mine. Like so many "free giveaways," these weren't valued...they were pitched a long time ago when my mother reclaimed and redecorated the rec room after we went to college.

Erica said...

I have a full set of the kings and queens of Africa,does anyone know the value for these prints?I have looked all over the internet for some info and found nothing.thanks Erica Saenz