Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Yin-ngna

Winston made this picture the other day while I was hoovering and mopping. I had laid out: water colour pencils, water colours, a tub of water, brushes. He insisted that a No. 2 lead pencil be amongst the materials at hand. Later, I asked him about the picture. Below, please find his story.


The Yin-ngna
(by Winston Nunley, Age 3)

This is a Yin-ngna. It has long, long legs and long, long feet. It has sharp teeth and breathes fire out of it’s mouth. It has hair that stings. Don't touch its hair, it will sting you! He has a bear in his hand.

(I interrupt, “A bear?”)

Yes, a bear in his hand.

(“It must be very big,”) I interrupt again.

Yes, it is very big. You have to be careful not to touch him. It lives in a dark, dark forest where there are wolves. The wolves go “Owoooo. Owoooo.” They scare the Yin-ngna. So the Yin-ngna breathes fire out of his mouth. The wolves go, “Ow! Ow! Ouch!)

This is his nose. This is his mouth. This is his hair. And that’s his feet.

Time Lapse between the story....

So proud - Daddy hauls the work of art off to his place of employment for scanning purposes. (A very major melt down occured when Winston discovered his Daddy took the picture to work. Daddy brought it right home after work.)

Once Daddy produced the work from his backpack, Winston animatedly says,

“Look Daddy! It’s the Yin-ngna! and it has long hair and fire in its mouth! It can scare wolves! I don’t like Yin-ngnas!...They say “Ahhh gugg gugg ggugg guugg gugg Ahhhh.

(He puts his fingers at the corners of his mouth; pokes his tongue out; and makes the sound. Very fast. He says it. Very fast. ) "I don’t like it. I have it it my hands, now." He becomes calm and content now.


Karen James said...


Sarah Nunley said...

I can't wait to hear what fantastic stories will sprout from his imagination next. He seems to have a natural talent.

Christina Springer said...

Thanks - I really love this one. Obviously.

Em said...

I love how with childrens paintings especially you can't just see the picture - you can *feel* them painting it. This is really true of this one!