Sunday, March 15, 2009


Some people say the universe sings a song. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the moon in its orbit. Perhaps I am wrong, but it sounds something a calimbas, xylophones, violins and a small wooden drum.

I have heard the Earth’s heartbeat. Sometimes it is a reassuring sound ~ something deep ~ like the moment my brain finished forming and I noticed the heartbeat pumping nutrients into my forming limbs.

Whether these things are real or not, I do believe everything has a song.

As the weather warms, our thoughts turned to the garden. Winston was so pleased with himself last summer. So, no cajoling was necessary. He has big plans this year. He knows what he wants to plant. Milkweed is high on his list because he wants to attract butterflies. But, he also wants pumpkins, beans, broccoli, basil, mint, corn, and the list goes on and on.

Last week, we planted seeds. The little peat pellets are a magical thing. When you pour water on them, they expand. It was his favourite part of the planting.

But, my favourite was observing how clearly he could hear the songs of life all around him. As he placed each seed in its little hole, he sang it a growing song. Plant and sing and plant and sing - until all of the seeds were snug.

With each packet, I read him the germination time. He seemed a bit disappointed that it would take so long. But, lo and behold. Not three days after planting, his seeds sprouted. He was so proud that he had given them such a good start. And he sings to the seedlings almost every other day.

We’ve discussed the science of why plants enjoy having a soft song every now and then. As much as he understands and nods his head. I think, he knows there is something deeper. He believes in his songs.

And I believe him. He hears the world's music. And I hope he never forgets how to listen for it.

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mamaluna said...

I absolutely loved this. it made me think of our children, singing songs to nature far away from one another, but united in harmony through the eternal love of the universe. Wow! I wish i could record all of my girl's songs. though my son seems to remember the one we made up for our sister nettle earlier this spring. lovely lovely words you got going on here.