Tuesday, March 10, 2009


NOTE: These are exact utterances made by my son while he played a game called Noby, Noby Boy.

Scene 1

I learned that Boy could climb up anything when he climbed up a rainbow.

Cat can climb really well. Just like boy can climb up anything.

Boy has to stretch to feed girl so they can go to Saturn.

Look at the human girl standing on the floating turtle.

The people are always up.

I’m never leaving down here because of the people.

Look at the people running away because I want to eat them.

Scene 2

Want to see me go up to the clouds?

I’m flying.

I’m not flying, I’m falling. That doesn’t count for me. I tried to tell you, but, you wouldn’t listen.

But, I am mad at Boy because he is the cutest little doggie

He’s really a boy not a girl with little hearts coming out of him.

He’s not a girl. He’s a boy.

He can only eat when he stretches.

Boy is missing! Oh! There he is, he’s right down there.

Okay, eating face. I call Boy eating face.

Scene 3

Want me to show you how I feed Girl?

I have to report my length to Girl.

Girl swallows the heart I gave her. It’s 879, 345,823 meters long. She grew! See!

Scene 4

Look Grandma can float. Run for your life, I’m coming for you Grandma! Grandma is by my house, but she can’t see me coming for her.

I got you Grandma.

I figured out a sneak attack for eating her.

Grandma come back, I just want to eat you.

Grandma won’t see me up in the clouds. She won’t be expecting me. I’ve been following Grandma all day. But, still she’s not running. She’s not hiding.

That sneaky little Grandma. She went into her house!

But, now, I’ve knocked her out of her car.

You can’t run. You can’t hide, Grandmas. I’m going to eat you.

Stupid old Grandma.

Where is she? In my tummy! I got you inside my tummy!

Better run. Better hide. I’m gonna get you inside.

Come here, darling!

Boy, come down, Grandma knows you love cookies. Come inside for cookie nookie tookies.

Bye, bye Grandma. I ate you all up.

Scene 5

I’m done with this.

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