Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Explosions - In Case I Missed Anyone

we're fine. Have all our limbs. And each other.

The mood here in London is quiet.
Norman was sent home from work early.
No cabs in central London.
They figured he'd have to walk -
which he did for an hour.

Even though, they said stay home,
we went out. Much like everyone else.
I think we all just want to see
how normal everything around us.
And after all, it was sunny this afternoon -
you just can't waste such blessings.
They are rare. We just walked
around our neighborhood a little bit.
We felt safe. This is where the entire 3% of
the non-white people in England live.

At the store, some young Black muslim kids
were happy - as if today was a great day for Islam.
An Arabic elder gave them a little calm, stern learning.
They weren't strutting very much when he was done.
It was nice to see in a country where most days people
are exceptionally careful to mind their own business.

The news was exceptional and weird. On one hand,
they stayed live on air until they sniffed
out all of the breaking news. Then they stopped
broadcasting news. On the other hand,

they were interviewing bleeding people
who needed medical treatment.
When a statement was completed by an official person -

s/he turned around and walked away from the camera.
The end. Done talking now. No I will not stand here
wasting my time saying "No comment. No comment.
No comment." It is strange when rudeness
is somehow comforting. But, then again, these days
someone's failure to be rude is always a great
shock and surprise. I guess
I'm getting used to the way things are here.

So - the DLR will be running again soon.
On routes towards Central London, buses
cruise emptily through the streets. Limited
tube service will be available tomorrow.

I'm grateful Number 1 slept late.
I'm grateful Number 2 was naked diaper boy
who delayed his father from getting to work

on time. So - all back to normal soon.
How weird!


M. Ayodele Heath said...

Glad to know you're okay.

This is all so surreal - even from here...

Christina Springer said...

And so - Ayo
at this distance we share

powerful numbers
9/11 and 7/7

major biggies for the numerologists.
Yup - we are - major biggies.