Monday, July 04, 2005

This Quiet Profit - Unschooling A Cute Kid

He does not care
to be frowned upon;
has developed a routine
for getting through public appearances.

The ABCD song is a guaranteed hit.
Identifying letters on the bus rakes in
two looks of approval, one grin
and a cheek grab. (Not ideal -

but better than the scary
upside down cascade of
smearing shades of red
on old women’s wrinkled faces.)

Counting loudly. Two head pats.
Singing our happy universe
Wheels On the Bus song
filled with chipper busy people?

Occasional chuckles,
He’s a clever one!
The random pense. On our bus,
The driver says

Have A Nice Day,
The baby and Daddies laugh
while the Mommy is sings...
La La La! La La La!

People want to believe we are possible.
It’s all about communicating
expected behaviors and trusting
Independence Man to agree. Right?

But, they are always giving him
money - especially the drunks. Everywhere
we go, 20 pence, 10 p, 1 copper
because I’m learning him up good..

My daughter shrieks,
He’s too young to be this gay!
Head pats, smiles, chuckles, 50 p -
wear purple sunglasses with a red outfit

in Angel. I’ll let the well-wishers
teach him gender codes.
In Stoke Newington - a half hearted
smile is the reward for demanding silver boots.

But, in Ridley Market, you get one pound
British Sterling from the kind West indian woman
and a 10% discount from the Indian male vendor
who wants to know What you turning him into?!?

And all he has to do
is put on ugly
brown sandals after insisting
on rhinestone slippers.

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