Friday, July 08, 2005

Racing Through King's Cross

passed through Kings Cross today on Victoria
Line. no stops. a feint odor of smoke.

eerie empty horror
movie twilight. empty platforms.

twelve people looked up, eyes
shifting, lips

pursed. most
stayed in their music

or newspaper world -
distant - far

from the bodies
and bits of flesh.
I wanted to scream -

let’s all have a moment of silence here!
but - everyone was already quiet

contained. Bombings
happen all the time.

Remember the IRA?
They were more horrified

by my breast in Winston's’ mouth - lulling
hiss groans of rocking train and working jaws

helping his eyelashes kiss cheeks.
limbs going dead in my arms.


Ania said...

The apathy here really is quite bizarre... but kind of comforting at the same time. It's harder to send jaded people into a panic, which makes it harder for anyone to use this situation to manipulate the people here.

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