Monday, December 11, 2006

Boy Throws Rock To Sea

after a photo by Tom Wichelow

Take me in.
Let me go.
This is the happiest song I know.
For she is testiest when we see
How absolutely
free we be.

perhaps that rock was

crepe paper sand
worn like that shocking
touch ....... the first time young
hands help a hard wrinkled woman

pock marked transient cringing
witness ...... puppet /
tool to crush bow back
teenaged adulteress in black;

soft like the fear
of cradling a newborn
wobbling head;

ridged barnacle valleys vibrating
intoning some mysterious ditty

or sun hot black weight tugging

his open palm
closed. the arm
thrust. the ocean’s song.
a dancing stone.

let go.


Mochamom3 said...

AHH,so beautiful.I also looked at the pictures of your sweet little one.
That face and that hair.Change those beautiful brown eyes to grey, and you have my sweet biracial little girl Charmienne.As we say of our 3 "All the colors of the Rainbow are in thee".

Happy Homeschooling Mommy in CA

Christina Springer said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate you peeking in. And yes, oh yes,

"All the colours of the Rainbow are in thee."

Thanks for that! I may just use that on forms.

"All the colours of the Rainbow are in me!"