Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pronouncements About Santa

and other recent musings by Winston

“Call the police officers to come and take away La Luna and bring my day back!”
- upon being forced to leave the Tate Modern and after any good day

+ + +

Our flat does not have a fireplace or a mantle.
The media insists
Santa comes down the chimney
and out of the fireplace.

I suggested he’d just hop down
from the roof and in the porch door.
This was not acceptable.

After a night of sleep,
in which all mysteries are revealed
Winston announces that
Santa will be coming
out of the oven.

This is the logic of 3 year olds.
Castle people used fireplaces to cook food.
Santa prefers to enter buildings
through places which are used to cook food and are hot.

+ + +

“Some people can taste the sky. I can not.
- upon careful study of the heavy layer of fog.

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