Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Peace Portfolio - Draft 1

Some things come easy. Others demand an almost obsessive, dogged worrying. Below, please find the rough draft of one of those things. For the life of me, I can't find - no matter how many google searches I do - ways to make Garageband cooperate. It lost my loops; deleted every satisfactory edit and laughed in my face.

(Kind of like that Anonymous poster who scoffed at my attempts to put a doomsday umbrella over my son. HeeHee. Now that would be the multi-billion dollar invention of the century! Note to Self: Gotta get the boy off of rocket shoes, hover sandals and on to a doomsday umbrella for Black children!)

Please leave some comments and or tips on how to get this soundtrack working!


Karen James said...

I loved this, Christina! I love Winston's drawing. I wish I could hear him speaking. My camera's formatting causes iMovie to dump the sound on my Mac. I found that I had to separate the two and then manually put them together again as two separate parts on a time line. Here is what I do:

Drag your video to stream clip, and go to file > demux to .aiff then drag that into iMovie or FCP and then drag the .mpg file into the timeline. Its quick, cheap and easy.

I don't know much about computers and I don't know if this will work for you. I have never used Garageband.

Winston is a fortunate boy.

Much love,

Karen James said...


"Its quick, cheap and easy" are not my words. It is from a post I found suggesting this solution. I just copied it from the note I sent to myself a few months ago when I was having problems with my video. I thought you might find this choice of words odd. They made me laugh when I read them.


Christina Springer said...

Karen, Until you made a comment, I had no idea the soundtrack wasn't working! Now - you can hear Winston...and the dog squeaking...and the loud traffic at the vigil. So - warts and all - here it is together.

Thanks so much!

Em said...

I also enjoyed this very much, thank you for sharing it.

As an aside, you can really hear the time Winston spent over here!

Christina Springer said...

Thanks Em, I'm glad you enjoyed it! That's so funny. It was a bit more distinct a year ago. But, he still falls over laughing when people talk about his pants. I don't think he will ever stop calling them trousers. He still asks to go the chip shop. And he requests crisps at the market. Funny how much geography shapes a person.