Tuesday, April 22, 2008

VOTE TODAY | & About That "Bitterness" Issue

Today, if you are in Pennsylvania, you will go to your polling station and vote.

You will vote for Barack Obama.

You will press that lever thinking, “Yes, We Can!

If you doubt this... if you are still wondering about bitterness - I shall refer you here: “Bitter,indeed

Excerpt - “The "bitterness" refers, of course, to the discrimination and mistreatment which people of colour faced for centuries. No one, today, can dispute the fact that the promises of America -- equality, fairness and justice -- were denied on the basis of race and colour, as well as ethnic background, religion, economic status and gender, for long periods of our national history. It should not come as a shock that the victims of this discrimination became bitter and angry, at the very least. But that bitterness in no way reflects diminution of the belief in the ideals and promises for which our nation stands.”
- Eric Springer

Don't just read the quote - view the whole thing. And it gets deeper. But, then again, that’s just my Daddy speaking. That’s the son of a garment worker who went on to become A. Philip Randolph’s right hand woman. That’s the “elitist” son of a woman who is called “Mama Africa” in Tanzania, Kenya and a host of other African nations. That’s the son of a woman who baked me biscuits and showed me where her wrists had been deformed from carrying serving trays and doing piece work. (All so she could raise “an elitist.”)

Claude McKay
Although she feeds me bread of bitterness,
And sinks into my throat her tiger's tooth,
Stealing my breath of life, I will confess
I love this cultured hell that tests my youth!
Her vigor flows like tides into my blood,
Giving me strength erect against her hate.
Her bigness sweeps my being like a flood,
Yet as a rebel fronts a king in state,
I stand within her walls with not a shred
Of terror, malice, not a word of jeer.
Darkly I gaze into the days ahead,
And see her might and granite wonders there,
Beneath the touch of Time's unerring hand,
Like priceless treasures sinking in the sand.

Today, all I ask is that you eat the bread of bitterness and release hope. Look for the letters O-B-A-M-A. Then, pull the lever next to them. No one is you! The only thing you can hope for is that the person you put in the big chair comes closest to your experience and ideals Don't allow us to sink into the sand. Don't bare your neck for the tiger to glutton yourself on the body already made anemic by Bush.

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