Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sweet Little Lambs | We Grow Them, Harvest Them Young, & Feast On Their Bones The Rest Of Their Lives

And folks ask me why I home educate?

In Scranton, Pa, two eager, politically-minded high school students, Colin Saltry and Joey Daniel, noticed Obama's motorcade pull into a diner during gym class. What would any intelligent teenager do? Dash over for an autograph! It was gym class. These are teenagers!

Teenagers are not known for exceptionally fantastic impulse control or logic for that matter. Obama...gym class...Obama...gym class? You make the choice.

Heading back from coffee break do you stop and have an informal or chat with Obama? Some adults would have a problem refraining from skipping over to meet the man. I would. If I went back to work - with a signature and a glowing, puff-up-the-chest story, very likely my boss would shake his/her head. Maybe give me a stern warning.

Did that happen to these children who were bright enough to even figure out that a person of historical importance was about to cross their path for the -probably - one and only time in their life recieve such understanding?

NO! These two were suspended for meeting Barack Obama. (They even returned with a note he signed for them.) One of the children is a class president. He was forced to resign. So, the kid who tries on the role of governance and political service is punished for seeking to interact with a veteran of governance and political service.

Shame on you, Principal Bryan McGraw and Assistant Superintendent William King.

Couldn't find an email. So if your feeling feisty - or just want to blame yesterday's poll showing on someone and take it out on them verbally. Have a go!

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boo said...

out of all the neg things to punish the children for I can't believe that the kids are being punished so harshly for something of this nature.....well wait a min yes I can this is the same America that has super high drop out rates all around the country yet nothing is done

Christina Springer said...

There you have it. There is no interest in status quo America to create a generation of independent, creative, critical thinkers. (Not that these children exemplify these qualities, I do not know them personally. And have no supporting documentation to validate or vouch for the content of their character.)

But, their action and the resulting reaction verifies what a rising number of home educators know.

Schools do not exist to educate. They exist to tame, subdue and provide appropriate fodder to the corporate plantation. Regardless of public or private - each school has slot to in which to fit our children.

Anonymous said...

What ignorance. My 10yo and I are listening to a book right now called Schooled. It's about a boy who has been raised on an old hippie commune by his grandmother – they're the only holdouts left on the commune, so he has never really met anyone else, and has been homeschooled in almost total isolation until the age of 13, when his grandmother has an accident and he has to go stay with a social worker and attend school – middle school – for the first time ever. The stereotypes are extreme (in a funny, parody-type way), but as we get deeper into the book, the author begins to slip in some very deep, philosophical ideas. One of those is when the grandmother says something to the boy, who has been arrested for driving without a license (he learned how to drive on the farm at the age of 8, and commandeers a schoolbus to take a heart-attack-stricken bus driver to the hospital), about how people have become so enamored of their rules and laws that they are now ruled by them and have forgotten how to live as free people.

I immediately thought of that when I read this. There is little that I hate more than people mindlessly refusing to bend the rules.

Karen W-C - from mamas