Saturday, November 08, 2008

Beautiful Evening!

We had a beautiful evening. Tonight, a few friends gathered to celebrate the outcome of the election. All of us had done whatever we could on behalf of the campaign.

All of us are parents of young children. Many of us are home educators who also practise attachment parenting. Others are dynamic innovators in their field. (Like one poet celebrity guest who joined us.) Still others are out there in the trenches everyday healing people or teaching our nation's young. But, each of us were praying, hoping, working and doing whatever wa sin our power towards an Obama win.

We couldn't celebrate Wednesday. We delayed our celebration until a convienent time. So, tonight we gathered at my house. Norman got the fire pit burning bright. The children played. We had a little sumthin' sumthin' and some snacks. Then, using lovely paper, each of us wrote down a well wish (or five) for Barack Obama. Some folded their wishes into cranes. Others folded them into stars. One even folded their's into a box. We gathered around the fire and - one - by - one - we cast our good wishes out into the universe in support of the Obama family. Some of us spoke about what we'd written. Others just quietly tossed in their wish.

The children got caught up in the idea. One wrote, "I hope he will bring and end to the war." Another wrote, "I hope he will make the country great again." Pre-literate children made lovely drawings. Some had us write words like "hope," "peace," and "love" on their paper. Then, they ran out to cast their wishes into the fire.

We had a lovely dinner. The political banter continued as the children got caught up in their games again. And suddenly, it was bed time.

Here's a lovely video which encapsulates our evening.

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