Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dollar Tree Denies Claim From Victim Of A Hate Crime

Good-bye Dollar Tree, you are a despicable and evil corporation. I can not imagine how callous and insensitive you are. I don’t shop often in your stores. But, I don’t think I’ll be setting foot in your establishment again.

Taneka Talley worked hard for Dollar Tree doing extra shifts and aiming for advancement. She wanted a better life for her son. Her sights were set on sending him to college.

In March, she was victim of a hate crime during her shift at a Dollar Store in California.
A man stabbed her to death simply because she was Black. An ABC News report says,
"According to a psychiatrist, the suspect woke up that morning determined to kill a black person, and Taneka was the first one he saw.

Now, Talley's mother is fighting to get her daughter's workers compensation death benefits, which, according to the family's lawyer, have been denied because the killer's targeting her as a black person established a "personal connection" that the company says releases them from having to pay."
How outrageous. Her biological make-up gave her a “personal connection” to an insane racist? Give me a break. This is corporate greed at its worst.

The least you can do is not shop there. But, I'm going to send them a letter telling them why.


msladydeborah said...

Oh no Dollar Tree is not trying to get out of doing the right thing!

This is outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap. That's insane.

Christina Springer said...

Insane, it is.