Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Shocked And Numb

Thanks Electronic Village for the nifty picture!

You may or may not know that I can handle Barack alone. But, every time I picture his family romping across the White House lawn, I get all weepy eyed. Every time I witness M'dear Obama being her family's bedrock, strength and power, I get all weepy eyed. Everytime I imagine them in their new home - with their LOL! puppy - I fall to pieces.

Ready, Set, Hankies Ready.....

On another note, thanks to my Funky Cheeky Mamas and Brigit from African-American Unchooling list for pulling these few words out of me.

I'm still kind of shocked and numb. I have deeply entrenched faith tempered by cynical self-preservation. My cynicism was greatly challenged today. I hope I am strong enough to let it go. I want to give in to hope. I want to release my self to belief. I want to be free to dream wildly. I also need to keep my head space intact.

Funny, Winston seems almost nonchalant. It makes me adore him even more. Ah! The unshakable faith of children! When Mama says we have to make something does. But, I am so not looking forward to the day when that is tested.

I remember Imani working her tail off for Acorn when Kerry was running. It was the first election in which she could vote. She was pumped! She out-performed every other worker at Acorn. They even gave her an office job - she was so excellent. Then Bush won. She was so sad, it kind of broke my heart. She totally did not commit to this election. She had lost her faith.

Today - she was completely shocked and delighted about the Obama win. (But, she wasn't part of it.) I hope she sees this as a way to regain her momentum.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and what you've had to say, especially recently over at the yahoo group. Would love an invite to your new group.


Yobachi said...

As oppose to cycnical, and as opposed to blindly optimistic; I say be hopeful, yet pragmatic.

Check out my piece Now That Obama Has Won, What Next For Black America

Christina Springer said...

Good advice Yobachi!